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6 July, 2017 - “To My Love I Give the World”… or Other Planets?

So I haven’t posted in awhile, and that’s because I’ve been busy working as a graphic designer and cartographer at a custom globemakers (I know, it’s not a common thing, there’s only one in the UK that still does this apparently) where I make maps all day. Most of the time I’m the one that plots hometowns, vacation spots, and illustrations of tiny boats, among other things, like Manchester United titles, ship engine information, and poetry. I really am learning a lot. 

After a few months of working on Earth and learning the lay of the land (literally as well as figuratively), I’ve started putting together a file for… MARS! More than one person wants a Mars globe and surprisingly, Mars has a lot of cartography to add – canyons, things resembling rivers, craters, landing sites, and volcanoes. I’m having a blast putting it together and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

For those of you who don’t know about how a globemaker exists or what we do, I’ll explain after the jump 🙂

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31 March, 2017 - BLÆKK: Utopia

Last night I went to the release party for the fourth issue, which was a blast! There were readings by two of the authors, both of which were very different from each other. It was really fun seeing everything come together (I know I say this every time) and chatting to a few friends I don’t get to see very often.

Anyhow, now that the issue is out, it means I can share the illustration I did! I tried something a little different this time as I’ve been having fun with some watercolours lately. The story is about a couple in a perfect world and in their mutual, perfect happiness, decide to eat poisonous mushrooms. The author is Philip Kobylarz, an established writer and teacher, who lives just across the bay from my parents back home in California! Small world. Here is the excerpt that inspired this illustration:

We drank two very expensive bottles of wine and then went walking the empty downtown streets. It had just rained– the streets were wet and smelled of fresh dust and the traffic lights illumined them with eerie, late night light shows. We passed small restaurants and nightclubs that were reached by stairways going down, beneath the level of the sidewalk. They too glowed in a neon of the other world and were peopled only with a few stragglers who were hiding out from the now blown by rain clouds.

In the window of a bakery, we saw a gigantic wedding cake gaudy with frosting flowers. We passed a disco that had a poster of a embryo’s head on the body of an armadillo. We walked by a Lebanese eatery filled with only the family that owned it, talking loudly and filling glasses with pitchers that were wet inside and out, with water. In the distance, winding through the square city streets, there was the rumbling of where the storm was going.

28 March, 2017 - Spring Update

Apologies for the break in posts! I’ve been working freelance at Kindred on several fun projects lately, and now that a few of those have gone live I can share them with you!

I’ve been doing stop motion videos of pancakes and some lovely illustrations for a luxury bath and body company, above are a couple examples! The work I’ve been doing is mainly for social media, and I’ve learned a lot about what performs well on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

In the next couple weeks I’m going to be working on a new ‘Digital’ section on my website where I can share web design, social media, moving image, and other on-screen work! Stay tuned 🙂

31 January, 2017 - Screamadelica Lyric Book


In a redesign for an album of my choice, I decided to do Primal Scream’s Screamadelica. I didn’t really think the primary coloured splats (inspired by a mouldy spot on a ceiling I believe), do this legendary album justice, and it needed something a little more representative of the music and the spirit of the band. I took my inspiration from stage lighting, only using RGB to create a new record sleeve, promotional video, and lyric book, imitating additive colour mixing to recreate what it would look like made out of light.

The lyric book is about 300 pages to be read alongside the album, so the pace of the spreads reflects the pace and mood of the music. It was the most fun part of the project, and I’m really happy with how this little pocket book came out!

(Bonus recycling: the covers were made of record cover offcuts because they were already laser cut with the song titles.)

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23 January, 2017 - Versed Magazine Editorial Design

I wrote my dissertation about waste reduction and why plastic is terrible, because these were subjects I’m passionate about. While my tutors were a little confused as to the subject matter (most people did design subjects), I incorporated design into the project by turning the 7500 words into a short magazine publication, using the different topics as articles. The final outcome achieved a first, and was printed on 100% recycled sugar paper, which gave the whole thing a lovely warm feel.

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